Rita Crundwell Dixon Ranch

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7 thoughts on “Rita Crundwell Dixon Ranch

  1. As horse people ourselves, we’ve seen Rita at shows and followed her recent fall from grace with much interest.

    Am I correct that her maximum sentence could be 20 years? 20 yrs of the high life in return for 10 served of the low life?

    She might think it was worth it.

    • I was sending you a reply about Rita. I think I created my own post. I truly believe she was calculated to the point that the benefit of having the money was worth the consequences of getting caught. The time served is not hard-core enough to discourage people like her from committing these white collar crimes.

  2. it seems entirely unfair. would it be worth 53,000,000 dollars to sacrifice 10 years of your life. and you know there’s plenty of that money still laying around.

  3. Look at the photo being used on this blog. Rita blowing a kiss, waiting for her name to be called out for another World Championship (now I know you’re a loser). Was it worth it to her…look at her expression, she knew then what she was doing and with every trophy she carried out out of the pen, she knew, and it likely crossed her mind. Then she told herself, HELL YEAH, it’s worth it. Can’t wait to get back to work and take somemore. She likely was well aware of the little time she’d do for the years of excitement she’ll have. Perhaps she thought she may never get caught, and if so, she’s smart enough to have looked into the time she’d do for such a crime.

  4. If the town of Dixon, Illinois, with a population of 16,000, can lose $53 million, doesn’t it make you wonder about the shenanigans that go on in Washington, DC? She cost the taxpayers beaucoup $ and now they’ll pay tons more to have a trial and keep her in jail. “Government budgets” are an oxymoron….even an “audit” is a misnomer! Why does anyone trust government today?
    The arrogance and lack of conscience of people like Rita amaze me. How do they sleep at night?

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