Big Sale in dixon for Crundwell Horses

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Dixon’s Big Sale for Crundwell Horses


DIXON, Ill. — Despite a scarce hay crop and higher feed prices, the 400 horses that will be sold in two separate auctions this month are expected to bring top dollar.

“There are not very many world champions usually available for sale at any given time. There are enough people in our industry to really want that type of horse,” said Mike Jennings, co-owner, along with his brother Tim, of Professional Auction Services of Round Hill, Va.

That is good news for those who are hoping to collect reimbursement from the sale of the property belonging to Rita Crundwell, former comptroller for Dixon in Lee County.

In May, Crundwell pleaded not guilty to a single count of wire fraud. Federal prosecutors allege that Crundwell stole some $53 million since 1990 in her position as the city’s comptroller.

Prosecutors say that millions of those allegedly stolen funds went toward building up her horse business, RC Quarter Horses LLC. Crundwell has produced more than 50 world champions in shows sanctioned by the American Quarter Horse Association.

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