Dixon Pension Money Used To Pay Bills?

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While the state of Illinois struggles to meet its obligations for pension funding, it has been revealed that the comptroller for the City of Dixon may have dipped into the pension funds for city police and firefighters.

Rita Crundwell is accused of stealing $53 million from the City of Dixon over a period of 30 years. She was arrested last month, but the investigation is shedding light on more alleged misappropriations.

The two interim comptrollers who were hired after Crundwell was fired have discovered that she transferred money out of the police and fire pension funds to pay city bills. They claim that about $100,000 was removed from the retirement funds and transferred into the general fund, which was used to pay bills.

The investigation shows the money was taken out over the past couple of years, but was later put back into the pension accounts.

Crundwell has pleaded not guilty to one count of federal wire fraud. A status hearing is scheduled for June 15th

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