Documentary Film To Be Made About Rita Crundwell

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DIXON – An accounting professor and a retired forensic accountant started interviewing Dixon residents Monday morning.

Kelly Pope, an accounting professor at De-Paul University, and Tom Golden, a retired forensic accounting partner with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, are making a documentary film covering the events surrounding the arrest of Rita Crundwell.

The former Dixon comptroller was charged with federal wire fraud in connection with what prosecutors say is the misappropriation of more than $53 million in city funds.

Pope and Golden began filming at Crundwell’s arraignment hearing and began setting up to interview local residents between Monday, June 18.

10 thoughts on “Documentary Film To Be Made About Rita Crundwell


    You Dixon people are crybabies!

    You need to look at it this way: You sponsored Rita for a couple of decades and she kicked butt for you! She produced 52 World Champions and she was considered one of the best breeders of American Quarter Horses in the world! She did not waste your money…dummies! It is not like she was out gambling? She was winning world championships for Dixon!

    She put your little podunk town on the map! In a perfect world you guys owe her a few more million…seriously!

    Plus a huge bronze statute should be placed in front of city hall…..with Rita on a horse! (Instead of a sword in her hand she would have a checkbook!)

    Your little town should be covering her defense fund…not whining!

    Lets hope she gets off with probation and if your town is smart you can hire Rita as Mayor!

    • Crying? This should bring a tear to any ones eye…

      Between September of 2011 and February of 2012, Crundwell, in her capacity as
      Comptroller for the City of Dixon, caused $3,039,000 to be wired out of the 1128 account into other
      City of Dixon accounts, as follows:

      $1,788,000 Wires into 7503 Account
      $796,000 Wires into 2563 Account
      $255,000 Wires into 8373 Account
      $200,000 Wires into 3675 Account

    • Wow… you are delusional. There were familes that could not send their kids to the public pool because it could not afford to open… yet, Rita had an inground pool at her place in Dixon – and who knows, maybe she had a pool at her Florida property as well? How exactly is that doing a service to Dixon?

      I show horses and once admired Rita – but not everyone cares about AQHA World titles. Surely not people in a town that have had $53 million (“and counting”)…

      • Oops, edited to add –

        $53 million (“and counting”) stolen – NOT money willingly given for sponsorship purposes, and the benefits those entail.

    • It’s obvious that anyone posting anything positive about Rita is either Rita or one of her cohorts she was funneling money to.

      All of the people who suffered financially for years due to this
      criminal are the only ones who deserve any sympathy.

      I am a life member of AQHA & most of us do not claim to even know her she is such a disgrace.

      She got off way too easy for the damage she has done to so
      many families lives.

  2. Why after all the investigation is there only ONE charge? If a technicality threw out the one charge… Oops, she’s out free.

  3. Rita Crundwell should spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of ever being paroled. Her sentence in my opinion is way to light for the hardship she placed on the good citizens of Dixon who trusted Rita Crundwell explicitly. As greedy as Rita was she should never experience freedom outside of prison walls again!

  4. You’ll see an article on page 39 of the paper in about 9 years when she gets out. Expect her to find an old tree along a cobble stone fence where she’ll start digging and get her riches stashed before she went in.

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