Judge allows sale of Dixon official’s assets

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A federal judge has ruled several properties and a luxury motor home belonging to former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell can be sold.

Crundwell has pleaded not guilty to charges alleging she stole more than $53 million from the small northern Illinois city to pay for a lavish lifestyle and create a horse-breeding operation. A federal judge on Wednesday granted a motion to sell four properties in Illinois, one property in Florida and a $2.1 million motor home.

Both prosecutors and Crundwell agreed to the motion. Money from the sales will be put in a fund until Crundwell’s case in resolved.

It also appears Crundwell owns more horses than previously thought. An amended complaint claims Crundwell has admitted to owning between 350 and 400 horses. Prosecutors originally cited 311 horses.

4 thoughts on “Judge allows sale of Dixon official’s assets

  1. Rita is the Queen of Horses and the Queen of White Collar crime! She is truly an amazing woman and should be set free!

    So what is Dixon lost 50+ million! They will get over it! They can look at it as if they Sponsored Rita for all these years and she did a hell of a job for them! If she had not become a World Champion then they could bitch but she won with the money!

    I give her a thumbs up and vote for probation!

    • Are you kidding? Granted, these people were clueless and let her rob them blind, but we should reward her for being a despicable criminal who cleaned them out and gloated about it through her ridiculously lavish lifestyle? Yes, let’s let anyone who robbed, killed or otherwise commited crimes to advance themselves get away without punishment because, after all, she was a horse champion of some sort does nothing for mankind, the economy or the well-being of society. She’s a criminal, pure and simple.

  2. She was successful in stealing for all those years for two reasons: (1) The town was proud of their hometown girl for her wealth and success in the horse business. (2) The quarter horse people were proud to know and rub elbows with someone this wealthy and successful. Same reasons Bernie Madoff and all the rest of the high end embezzlers succeed for long periods of time, if not forever. Image is everything. Doesn’t matter what you are to anyone but what you are perceived to be. People love to suck up to wealth.

  3. ya know i dont care if the mayor makes $2000 or $200000 a year, and the commisioners the same,, this was a bunch of really stupid people and if half of the yearly budget disappeared each year somebody needs to get glasses,,, I think instead of redoing things,,dixon needs to get rid of the whole administration,,, tell me you cant hire some good help for $5 million a year,,,,,,, theres more to this then we are being told,,, watch and see who gets the motorhome!

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