Six Crundwell horses dead

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Some of the more than 400 horses that were seized from former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell,have died.

Since the U.S. Marshals Service started caring for the horses on May first,sixof them have died. Several at the Dixon ranch,one in Wisconsin and one in Texas.

Most of them were under veterinary care before they died. The first passed away on May 3rd from bacteria in the blood. The second died on June 4th from pneumonia,a third died on June 20th. The foal was found in a field at the Dixon ranch. Authorities say it also had a heart murmur. On June 21st a horse in Texas died from colic. On July 5th an older horse died from kidney failure. And on July 11th another horse died from kidney failure.

The U.S. Marshals Service says they could award a horse auction contract next week. The contractor then has 45 days to put on the auction. It will take place at the Dixon ranch, likely in late August or early September. People will also be able to bid online.

7 thoughts on “Six Crundwell horses dead

  1. Doesn’t sound like the horses are being watched too closely, I wonder what the guy who is getting paid 2500/week to care for the horses is doing?

  2. Six of the more than 300 Quarter Horses connected to the federal case against accused embezzler Rita Crundwell have died, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service said. The deaths occurred between May and July at different locations around the country.

    In April Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested high-profile Quarter Horse breeder Rita Crundwell and charged her with one count of wire fraud after a federal grand jury in Illinois returned an initial indictment accusing Crundwell of misappropriating $30 million in funds from the town of Dixon, Ill., where she had served as city comptroller since the 1980s. Further investigation resulted in an expanded indictment accusing Crundwell of allegedly misappropriating a total of more than $53 million from Dixon over the course of more than 20 years. Crundwell later pleaded not guilty to the wire fraud charge.

    In May the government filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Crundwell’s 311 registered Quarter Horses were subject to civil forfeiture because she purchased and/or maintained them with criminal fraud proceeds. The horses, including foals born this spring, were subsequently placed under U.S. Marshals Service jurisdiction, and contractors were hired to manage the animals until they could be sold at auction with proceeds applied to Dixon’s restitution.

    On July 19, U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Jason Wojdylo said that between May 3 and July 5 six of the Crundwell horses, most of them foals, had died of various causes. All were under veterinary care, he said.

    “Of the foals, one died of bacteria in the blood, another from pneumonia, the rest from a combination of heat and a heart murmur, and renal failure,” he said. “Another horse that was not a foal died of colic and a 26-year-old horse died of kidney failure.”

    Wojdylo said the surviving horses remain under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Marshals Service until they are sold at auction. The agency could award an auction contract for the horses’ sale within the next two weeks, Wojdylo said.

    • Leave her alone??!! She embezzled $53M to support her horse habit and people lost their jobs as a result of the city not having funds in their budget – funds that SHE stole.

  3. that was one bitch at the AQHA horse show that her sit did not stink i bet those horses have a better life now the get getting there necks sweated getting there tail nerves blocked so they cant swish there tail in the class having the hock shots so the horses that are lame cant feel that they cant walk and that just makes the problem worse the show horses don’t see the sunlight because it will fade the hair coat so most are lame from no excise and they get so fat because they feed them alfalfa and muscle up its a one of many supplement the horses have horrible mind there barn sour there arena sour most of them are cribbers i am gald i dont have to see that witch at the shows ever again

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