Dixon to delay investigating former comptroller

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DIXON, Ill. (AP) – Officials in the northern Illinois city of Dixon are holding off on investigating a former financial officer accused of stealing more than $53 million in public money.

Dixon Mayor Jim Burke tells WHBF-TV the city is waiting until the FBI finishes its investigation of former comptroller Rita Crundwell.

Prosecutors say she used the money to fund 1 of the nation’s leading horse breeding operations and feed a lavish lifestyle that kept her outfitted with cars and jewelry.

She has pleaded not guilty to a single count of wire fraud.

Dixon’s mayor says an investigation now would cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, on top of the millions Crundwell is accused of stealing.

3 thoughts on “Dixon to delay investigating former comptroller

  1. Let’s see Rita Crundwell will probably get four years in jail 10 years probation like most other cases that are similar. What gets me is how FBI can watch Rita steal 3.4 million so they could build a case. She should have been stopped at 400,000 the evidence should have been clear and overwhelming. The city of Dixon will probably get 15 cents on the dollar if there lucky. Three million would have gone a long way to clean up some city dedt . Thanks FBI wow I hope more charges will follow redeem yourselfs

  2. The Feds have piss poor prosecution. they only charge what they can win. it used to be you didnt want too get charged federally and now its the easy way out…

  3. If Rita did this then which City Father is going to step up and say it is his/her fault for not shutting this down years and years ago ? Someone
    besides Rita is at fault here.

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